Hi there! I’m Gioia Ballin and I’m a software developer, a blogger and a tech enthusiast. I love learning and experimenting new technologies as much as I love traveling and dancing.

Here I was in LA, enjoying the sun and California’s lifestyle.

I come from Venice, Italy. Yes, exactly, the real Venice, one of the most wonderful cities in the world in which you can drink and shop in amazing places. Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the slot pharao right now. There’s a lot of money and fun!

A glimpse of Venice from the Sherman’s lagoon

I studied “somewhere not so near to Venice”, in Padua. During the spring 2012, I graduated from the University of Padua with a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and, just after the graduation, I was involved in the Google Summer of Code Program 2012. Both the master thesis project and the GSoC ’12 experience gave me the chance to work on complex computer vision problems, for which I coded solutions in C++ using ROS and PCL.

I began my pythonic experience in the mid-October 2012, when I got a backend software developer position at a tech company in the travel market. At that time, I didn’t know anything about Python. Soon, I learnt how to code with it and I began being more and more interested during the time. Since I was eager to increase my knowledge, I gradually switched from basic tutorials to more advanced topics. I ended up working on the server-side maintenance and development of the company’s leading software service: a booking engine. I also became familiar with Python and with relational databases (PostgreSQL and MySQL).

After almost three years spent as a Python developer, I felt I needed a change. First of all, I wanted to move from Venice. Why? Despite being a wonderful city, there’s a sort of detachment from the technology trends. I was looking for an innovative, tech-friendly and plenty-of-opportunities city. Second, I wanted to work with a different technology. Why? Python is so exciting! I would say… for personal improvement. I wanted to increase my skill set and one way to do so was working with different tools. Long story short, I needed to live a disrupting experience so, I decided to move to Milan and I began working as a (almost) full-stack software developer at one of the most promising startups in the fintech field. Did I have fun? Yes, definitely.

Having fun with NERFs

During this first experience in Milan, I mainly worked on a web application built using Spring (server-side) with Thymeleaf, HTML5 and Javascript (client-side). The application was compiled and packaged using Gradle. You can see clearly that all these technologies were outside the comfort zone of my knowledge. So, I started learning from scratch (yes, again) how to use these technologies and I ended up learning an unexpected amount of information even faster than before.

After six months in the fintech marketplace, I decided to start a new working experience in the Big Data/Analytics field. Right now, I’m a backend software developer mainly working with Python and Scala, but sometimes I also deal with Ruby. Starting from the algorithms unveiled by researchers during scientific conferences, my job is about inventing, implementing and testing new algorithms suitable for the use in real-world applications. Literally, I bring the research into the real world.

The world is moving faster and I’m trying to move as faster as the world itself. It’s tough, but it’s worth trying.

Wanna getting in touch?

Drop me a line to gioia.ballin@codingnights.com or send me a message using the social media icons.